We’re all dependent


My website has been down for nearly a fortnight. My longstanding and (up until now) very reliable website host reported that one of its servers had collapsed. They were working on it, they said; it was their problem, so there was nothing I could do. This drove home to me how very interdependent we are in these days of connectivity. As an author who sells work on-line, I rely on a team – some are known and visible to me, but most are neither. These are the people who provide the expertise behind the website platforms, behind the amazing infrastructure of e-books, behind the internet payment systems; they convert my books from Word into mobi files which load onto Amazon and Smashwords. Most of them work for services which operate for twenty-four hours a day, so most would have their share of unsociable hours. All of them are highly skilled.

Whether I know you or not, whether we’ve ever communicated or not, you’re all vital to my world of interdependency.

by Pat Noad


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    Welcome back Pat….that is all so true…

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    Judy Waugh

    That’s tough, Pat. I work on my website most days. I look forward to it each day, planning the changes as I walk along the beach.

    I would feel lost if I had to store my thoughts for a week or more. They would get all higgledy piggledy and muddled up and I’d never untangle the virtual threads.

    My brainwaves would end up like tangled clumps of seaweed dumped on the sand – making no sense to anyone.

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    Helen Gibbs

    You are so right Pat, even for people just like me, if you lose your internet and computer I always feel lost and so many things you can’t do.

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