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It must be a generational thing. For years I’ve embraced my Kindle, my iPad and e-books with such enthusiasm – what an absolutely perfect set-up for an avid reader. I’m delighted to upload the books I write to various platforms, for others to download if they wish. But somehow the books don’t feel real to the author inside me until I can hold (and fondle) a print copy with a shiny cover.

That’s what I’m waiting for now: the first small print run of ‘On the Edge’, which will mostly be destined for library shelves – but only after I’ve prized open that first box and fished out that first print copy. Only then will the new book seem like the real deal.

by Pat Noad


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    Judy Waugh

    Savour the moment, Pat. After all the careful thought and feeling that’s gone into it, you deserve it! I can’t wait to get my hard copy.

  • I have to agree.A printed book is magic…

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