Seeing ‘Celeste’

I recently saw the newly released film Celeste, set in the fantastic Paronella Park outside Innisfail. The photography is outstanding, and perfectly captures the brooding mood of this unique place – and the larger-than-life story is a good match for the star of the show, Paronella Park itself. It must be about a decade ago that I was there, when I was poking around North Queensland looking for fodder for my fourth novel Destination Tribulation. I was entranced – with what it was, how it came to be and what it is now. Needless to say, Paronella wormed its way into the story; here is my protagonist Annie’s response to it, out of the pages of my book:

‘Paronella Park turned out to be a sort of contemporary ruin – an uncompleted castle built by a homesick Spaniard who came to North Queensland to cut cane. After a few years he returned home briefly to find a Catalonian bride, and together Jose and Margita set about building a fantasy in the steep, secluded Queensland rainforest – a romance of grand staircases, turreted towers, tea houses, even a theatre for movies with a suspended mirrored ball. Twenty years after Jose Paronella first arrived in Australia, his “pleasure gardens” were opened to the public. Over the years it was beset by floods and fires, but the family laboured on, building and rebuilding, and planting thousands of trees which today stood proud, erect and splendid along the formal paths… It was simply enchanting …

‘… Margita could hardly have known Jose Paronella when he swept her away from home and family to the other side of the world. Nearly a century ago she found herself in the remote uninhabited rainforest of North Queensland, drawn into the back-breaking work of constructing an impossible dream – and someone else’s dream at that. The resilience of women never ceased to amaze me. I found myself hoping that Margita had fallen so passionately in love with Jose that his dream became her dream …’

Celeste should remind us all what riches our vast state has to offer the arts.

by Pat Noad

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