On the Edge

A surprise inheritance catapults Annie Bryce’s friend Ruth Jordan from a lifetime of poverty into a world of affluence, which she cautiously uses to help other women doing it tough. That’s how Rachael Anders explodes into her life. Desperate to protect Rachael’s three young boys from their destructive family, Ruth is sucked further and further into their troubled lives, while the heart-stopping ghosts of her own failed family suddenly reappear … On The Edge explores families across generations and continents – the ties that bind, the wreckages, the salvations, the hopes, the despair – and the secrets.

Print copies of this book are available from the author.

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Murky Waters

These eighteen stories are about how ordinary people can be driven to desperate acts. These criminal characters aren’t gangsters, or terrorists, or professional crooks, but simply ordinary people like you – until stuff happens to them, and they find their backs to the wall. Most of these stories were first published in the seven anthologies produced by CrimeWriters Queensland.

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Pick and Choose

The twenty-two pieces in this slim collection are very varied. Some were written recently, while others took life during the last decade. Some are conventional stories. Others are short pieces which demonstrate how and where authors find their plots – some are reflections on travel experiences, and some are chance conversations; all of these could form the basis of a longer piece of fiction, and one day perhaps they may. Many are written from a woman’s point of view and focus on women’s lives; others flirt with the supernatural; still others offer a comment on the society in which we live. A collection to dip into.

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