Freelance journalist Annie has a bad habit of rattling skeletons in cupboards – a dangerous business, as she and her working partner photographer Steve learn to their cost. Investigations take them far and wide around Queensland, with its offbeat characters and its chequered history. When the repercussions of crimes and secrets rattle down the decades, history can often repeat itself: there’s no escaping the past – for anyone.

In 2019 the series was shortlisted for ‘Adaptable’ text-to-screen initiative of the Queensland Writers Centre and Screen Queensland.

These five books are available as e-books; print copies are also now available from the author.


Loose EndsLoose Ends

Journalist Annie Bryce doesn’t bargain for becoming part of the story. That’s what happens when the whale research sparks a mystery: the tight-lipped young English scientist, an Aussie soldier dead in the 1940s. Why do they share a name? And a face? These men are separated by life and death, continents and decades – how could they be connected? Annie’s investigations plunge her into a world of secrets and vengeance – and more strife than she can handle …

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Annie Bryce just doesn’t learn. On the run from a killer who wants her dead before she can testify in a murder trial, she and photographer Steve are forced to lie low. But even in the remote arid country of the sapphire mines, Annie sniffs a mystery. Probing the secrets of a long dead wheeler and dealer in sapphires, the shadows of his past, and her own, cast dark clouds across her life …

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Intrigue in Paradise

Distraught over trashing her relationship with partner Steve, Annie throws herself into work. On the glittering Gold Coast playground, ageing industrialist Jack Riversdale wants answers: what did happen to his two sons? Who wants those old movies – and why? Annie is sucked into riptides of break-ins, pursuits, threats, even abduction. Traumatised and injured, she’s doggedly closing in on the truth when the undertows drag her ever deeper into the murky past…

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Destination Tribulation

Her life threatened, the police powerless, Annie Bryce is terrified. A hasty move to steamy North Queensland with photographer Steve is no escape. With the killer hot on their trail, escalating tensions cloud their already stormy relationship. Annie throws herself into delving into the war years in the north, eventually uncovering a shocking long-held secret. All the while the sadistic killer is closing in …

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Annie thinks life ahead will be plain sailing. Wrong! Her nightmares start with a missing English tourist. When a minor research job suddenly turns toxic Annie is mired in a maze of old crimes and new conundrums as she heads west to follow a tenuous lead to the missing girl – and go on the run. At the world-famous dinosaur digs in outback Queensland the quest for prehistoric fossils interweaves with the desperate hunt for the girl, and for the awful truth about that toxic research …

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