Pat’s novels, short stories and reflections give a fresh take on Australian life today – but all her plays and historical pieces shine a light on Queensland’s early days.

Her five Annie Bryce Mysteries are stand-alone novels set around vast and varied Queensland – light crime fiction with touches of humour, glimpses of times past and a powerful sense of place. Critics and readers alike have found her books ‘compelling’, ‘engrossing,’ rivetting’ – and more. Her sixth (spin-off) novel On the Edge travels into different territory, exploring family bonds and fractures, and how far desperation can drive us all.

Pat’s award-winning short stories are included in two anthologies: Murky Waters is a collection of short crime fiction, while Pick and Choose includes both stories about relationships, and reflections on people and places. She has also written a number of historical pieces, short plays, and books of photographs.

Writing came late in a long and varied career for Pat, which threw up some great experiences and even greater challenges. She enjoys research (particularly ferreting around far corners of her home state of Queensland for the stories that lurk in every shadow), has always loved photography, and spends far too long glued to the screen tapping away to put it all together.

This website contains details of all her work, and provides links to purchase her e-books; print copies of the six novels are now available directly from the author – see the Contacts page.