What’s the point?

I’m editing the first draft of a novel at the moment. As every writer knows, that involves re-reading the text with an eagle eye and questioning the value of every chapter, every paragraph and every sentence: what is the point here? Do these words advance the plot? enhance the atmosphere? give more depth to a character? As they say, every word has to earn its place. Otherwise, what are they doing there? Hit delete? This can be a very painful process!

I’m increasingly aware that exactly the same questions apply to my hobby of photography: what is the point here? What is that photograph about? what point is it trying to make – or what story is it telling? How can that point be emphasised? With the wonderful photo-editing software so readily available these days, photographers can spend many happy hours asking themselves these questions and trying to tweak the image to answer them. Now that process is more addictive than painful.

Just a few thoughts from the keyboard …

by Pat Noad


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    You are so right about photography Pat, I have spent plenty of time trying to get my photo right, it is fun though isn’t it.

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    Joy Loggie.

    It is not easy to get published in today’s crowded author field but Pat’s “What’s the Point” made a vital point for would be successful writers who cannot access the services of a professional editor and that is to edit, edit and edit, then leave your creation alone for a few weeks and then re-read with fresh eyes and you will find that you will edit again.
    As a highly respected professional freelance editor recently commentated, ‘a manuscript needs good editing before it can be called a book.’

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