The rewards of writing


This week, along with many many other authors, I received a payment from Amazon for the sale of my e-books for the last six months – not enough to paint the town a very bright shade of red, but certainly enough to make a good start! That got me thinking about the different rewards that come the way of writers. Quite apart from the fun of researching and writing (which is why we all do it, of course) there are royalties for sales from your publisher, the proceeds of any direct sales of your books, and one-off licences for your work to be included in other publications. In Australia we can add Public Library Lending Rights, which flow from readers borrowing your books. Then there are occasional professional fees, if you’re lucky: for speaking, for writing articles and reviews, for giving workshops and judging competitions. None of it adds up to a fortune – or even to a living wage, for most of us – but at least it’s some recognition that your work is valued by somebody, somewhere. And last but not least are the intangibles – like a stranger peering at your nametag at some function and dragging you off to the bar to shout you a glass of champagne to thank you for the many happy hours of reading you’ve given them. That’s probably the best of the lot!

by Pat Noad


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    Judy Waugh

    Interesting article, Pat. Here’s to the intangibles!

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    Well who knew that all that went on. Sounds like you are having lots of interesting times.

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    Lori Hurst

    You have made my day!. What a thrill to have someone come up & tell you how much they’ve enjoyed your work! That would be the ultimate – besides having a best seller of course. Although I’ve been writing for years & had numerous short stories published my two novels have recently been published through CreateSpace & up on Amazon, Kindle etc. At this point I haven’t given much thought to royalties. Just over the moon that my creative offspring are finally out in the big wide world. However, reading your article has made me aware there are numerous exciting possibilities out there.

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