Once a writer, always a writer: they’re always tapping away at something. That ‘something’ can be another work of fiction, but fiction is a long haul. It takes Pat at least two years to research, write and edit a novel, and that’s before the seemingly endless climb up the mountain of publication. So other projects pop up, either alongside some fiction, or instead of it. As her blog mentions, Pat’s been sucked into family history. She had no idea how interesting it could be – or, indeed, how very little she knew. That’s led her to other history-based projects, and to the delights of merging historical fact with fiction … and who knows where else? You can read about what she’s been up to lately on this page.


My Name is Joseph

On Australia Day 2019 Pat’s first play, My Name is Joseph, was given its first airing by an amateur group, and it was enthusiastically received by the 160-strong audience. Based on fact and told through the voices of four generations of one Australian family, the narrative provides a snapshot of the lives and loves of some ordinary people in this country between 1829 and 1997. The 40-minute production comprises nine segments in all, together with an introduction and a conclusion. The dialogue was recorded, and the graphics and music used on the day have been added to the audio file. This extract offers the first three segments of My Name is Joseph. If you are interested in the whole work, you are welcome to contact Pat directly.