Made it!


Suddenly, there they were on the screen – the two words so dear to the heart of every writer: The End.

My sixth novel, tentatively titled ‘On the Edge’, has dragged me into territory untrodden in life as well as art. That was scary! What started off as a short story, then flirted with becoming a novella, has ended up as an 85,000 word novel. Well those two words don’t mark ‘the end’ at all, of course, just the start of the long haul of converting a draft into a final mss – which will then be sent to a few trusted readers for close scrutiny and criticism to generate yet more work for me, before The End really does signal The End. Then what? Time will tell.

A year to write, and another year to edit – that seems to be what it takes for me to produce a novel, while I manage to live a life at the same time.

by Pat Noad


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    Judy Waugh

    Well done Pat! Congratulations! I look forward to reading it. cheers Judy

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    Joy Loggie.

    Well Done…looking forward to reading ‘On the Edge’…

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    Well congratulations Pat well done. You must have a good sense of achievement.

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